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Session 4: Beyond the Rhetoric: How to Really Support Nonprofit’s and Social Justice Movements [4]

Ended Aug 13, 2021

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Full course description

Nonprofit organizations are tax-exempt entities guided by their mission. While there are different types of nonprofit and non-governmental organizations such as education and charity, these organizations must raise funds and use them to support their mission. This course explores the structural, legal, financial and organizational components necessary to go beyond the rhetoric. In the context of social justice movements centered on eliminating poverty, racism, discrimination, and the like, this course is ideal for individuals interested in learning how to start and fund a nonprofit organization and/or those interested in working or volunteering for a nonprofit organization. This course embodies theory, practice, and experiential activities coupled with real-world cases to augment existing knowledge and experience. Course topics include nonprofit legal governance and board issues, financial management, grant writing, fundraising and development and advocacy.